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Hip Surgeries

A female aged 58 years had difficulty in walking because of left hip pain. It was diagnosed as left avascular necrosis of hip. She was advised surgery.

She underwent left total hip replacement. Now she is pain free and performing her daily activities without any difficulty.

A male aged 50 years was operated for left neck femur fracture by screw fixation. He developed AVN. He had great difficulty in walking and performing daily activities.

He underwent implant removal and total hip replacement. Now absolutely pain free and it is difficult to make out that he has been operated for left hip.

A male aged 52 years was suffering from ankylosing spondylitis for more than 30 years. He was hardly able to walk or stand. His both hips were affected by ankylosing spondylitis.

He underwent both hip replacements. Now he is totally pain free and able to walk for a long distance without any kind of support.

A male aged 60 years was operated for fracture of right hip. He had pain in his right hip, difficulty in walking along with shortening of 2 cm. On X-ray, he had developed AVN of right hip.

He underwent implant removal and total hip replacement surgery. Now he is totally independent and no support is required for any kind of work. His shortening was totally corrected.

A young girl aged 15 years had coxa vara and tuberculosis of right hip before 5 years. She had significant limping while walking and shortening of right lower limb. Practically she had absence of right head of femur with arthritic changes.

She underwent right total hip replacement with special type of implant having head and neck modularity. She is absolutely pain free and walking normally.

A young boy aged 22 years had fall from height before few years. He had injury over right hip. He did not have proper treatment. He had extreme pain so much so that he could not keep his right foot on the ground. He had shortening of 2.5 centimetres. He had Protrusio acetabulum.

He had right total hip replacement with bone grafting for acetabulum. His shortening is totally corrected and walking normally.