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All the patients with knee arthritis does not require total knee replacement. With the availability of Advanced technologies, it is possible to have partial knee replacement in Ahmedabad also known as UKR/ Microplasty. It is a minimally invasive surgery with great outcome where Patient starts walking from the same day of surgery. As there are no ligaments are cut, patient has feeling of nearly natural knee in contrast to total knee replacement.

More information related to Partial Knee Replacement

The UKA/UKR is a bi-cruciate retaining knee, meaning the healthy ACL and PCL are kept intact. Retention of the ACL is reported to result in better proprioception. We also offer a solution for the lateral compartment, based on over 400 CT knee scans, the Fixed Lateral Partial Knee was designed for optimal coverage of the lateral compartment and utilizes the Microplasty Instrumentation. We provide the best Unicondylar Knee replacement in Ahmedabad.

Many benefits of UKA/UKR versus TKA have been reported in studies such as:

  • Higher patient satisfaction with the ability to perform daily activities
  • Better range of motion
  • Preserving more healthy bone, as only the medial compartment is replaced
  • Better functionality and more natural motion than UKA/UKR
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay than TKA with a rapid recovery protocol
  • Fewer and less severe complications compared with TKA with Unicondylar Knee in Ahmedabad