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Hip Arthritis is not very common compared to knee arthritis in Asian population. Primary Hip arthritis is found in older population whereas Secondary arthritis due to AVN is commonly found in young age group. At Jointscare, Dr.Samir Nanavati -a well known Hip replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad who provides Minimally invasive (Smaller cut) Total Hip replacement with excellent outcome.

More Information Related To Hip Replacement

HipHip joint is made up of two bones Femur (thigh bone) and Acetabulum. It is a ball and socket variety of joint. Adjoining surface of the bone ends are covered with a smooth surface called Cartilage. Cartilage gives pain free, smooth movement. It is one of the most stable joint of our body. It is surrounded by various ligaments which gives stability to the joint. Whenever this smooth surface becomes rough or cartilage gets eroded, bony ends rub against each other. It gives rise to pain and difficulty in walking which could be fixed with the best hip replacement in Ahmedabad at Jointscare

  • AVN-Avascular Necrosis of Hip (Decreased or no blood supply to head of femur)
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Primary osteoarthritis- not very common in India
  • Secondary osteoarthritis- Post Traumatic - after accident , Implant failure- after previous surgery, after infection of hip- commonly Tuberculosis of hip joint
  • Developmental dysplasia of hip (DDH) condition present since birth.

There are various surgical procedures for every problem. Hip Resurfacing or Total hip replacement (THR) are one of the very useful option as surgical procedures.

It is a very selective option for early hip arthritis. In this only few millimeters of bone is removed from acetabulum and femur which will be replaced with metal. It is a bone conserving surgery.

Damaged bone of acetabulum-cup is removed which will be replaced with metal or plastic cup. Head of femur is cut and replaced with metal stem. Metal stem is of two variety cemented or un-cemented.

It can be divided into

  • Type of fixation of implant- Cemented, hybrid or Un-cemented.
  • Bearing surfaces in implant- Metal on poly, Ceramic on poly, Oxinium on poly and ceramic on ceramic.
  • Diameter of the femoral head implant- 22.225 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm & Large head. Among this which could be the best option for the patient is advised by your surgeon like in jointscare which is known for best hip surgery in Ahmedabad.