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Knee Surgeries

A male aged 71 years had severe both knee pain with great difficulty in walking. He had no medical illness but because of knee pain was socially disconnected. He had bow legs. After he had both knee replacement his legs became straight and able to walk long distance without any difficulty and support. He is able to drive two wheeler.

A female aged 65 years who is known case of Rheumatoid arthritis and on treatment since 4-5 years. She had severe left knee pain with swelling. She can’t bend her left knee.

She had left total knee replacement. No pain and normal walking.

A female 54 year old who is known case of RA had severe right knee pain. She had not moved out of her house for more than a year. She had fracture of thigh bone before 2 years which was treated with plaster. She also had kidney infection and deep venous thrombosis. After completion of treatment for kidney and deep venous thrombosis, she was advised right total knee replacement.

After her successful right Total knee replacement, she is back to her normal activities without any kind of support. She is able to move on a two wheeler.

A female aged 72 years has knee pain for more than 15 years. She had osteoarthritis with significant bone loss. She was hardly able to walk and that to with support only. She had more than just “Bow legs”.

She had both knee replacement using bone graft with long stem. Her legs become straight as normal and she is back on her toes. She is able to walk independently and without any support.

A male aged 65 years primarily treated in Kenya for fracture of tibia right, also had osteoarthritis of both knee. He was not able to put any weight over right leg.

His fracture and arthritis were treated with knee replacement with fracture fixation in a single surgery. Today his legs are normal and he can swim, walk and perform all his activities without any assistance.

Male aged 65 years had significant difficulty in walking because of knee pain. He was operated for knee fracture about 7 years back. After his knee was going in hyperextension as shown in picture. He was operated for both knee replacement and he is leading absolutely normal life style which includes brisk walk and using stairs for three floors.